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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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today the district's fire department getting some muchomeh needed help when it comes to responding to medical emergencies. >> live look outside on this monday morning. rainy start to our worndk week.. it's march 28th. first family getting ready to host one final easter egg roll l at the white house.ou but will this weather improve ip in time? weather and trafficnd on the 5s at 6:05. 6 good monday mornings i'm allison >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mi we have the answer to thoseose questions from tuck interjusttuu a couple minutes.up min first though developing d overnight police investigatinges a double shooting in theotin t district. about 10:30 last night.10:3 this i0 s the 5,000 block of bass straight southeast where two women were slot in then we stairwell of an apartment an t building. both victims conscious andscio breathing when taken to thewhen hospital. both are expectd to recover. no word on a suspect or motive.moti >> d.c. firefighter isfigh recovering this morning afterrne battling a blaze at anla apartment in northeast.orth now you can see the flames shooting from the building.uii the crews were called to thecaet 3200 b
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street. we're told several people hadevr to be rescued from inside. insid two residents were alsoerlso injured but everyone isyone is expecting to be okay.e oka so far no word on a cause. cau >> all right, also thiso is morning, police and familyamil members still looking foroong answers why a teenager wass wh shot and killed at a metroled ao station over the weekend. >> fox5's jennifer davis isr da live at deanwood metro stop inro northeast trying to figure out some answers to this one. jenny, good morning.nn >> reporter: hi there, goode, gd morning, to you. t well, there's some activityiv here this morning as commuters e start filing through headingea to the various placedis theyce t want to go. and a lot of activity afterct this really shocking murderurde that happened on the platform pr here at the deanwood metroetro stop in northeast saturday sur afternoon.afrnoo now, the family's account ofs what happened ispened heartbreaking.artb they say a stranger walked up to 15-year-old davante davan washington trying to pick a fight and then shot this happened in front of theont teen's mother and two young sisters.sts. they witnessed the shooting sot along with other people who peo were standing on the platform pr on
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police tell fox5 this was not random but the teen's family f disagrees.disagrees. they say washington was a sophomore at largo highargo school, he didn't live over d here, heid lived in maryland and the family says they don't theyo believe he had problems with anyone in this neighborhood since he was just visiting his mother. here's what the boy'se y' grandfather had to say. >> him, his mother and his two younger sisters, yeah, and according to her, he just cameuc up and shot him for no reason. a they're traumatized.raumatized. they witnessed their brother getting killed.g >> reporter: now, at thister: n early hour, there is no visible police presence thispoli morning, at least from outsideut of the station here where we wre are standing. snd that was a complaint fromplnt f family on saturday as well who w said when the mother tried toted run for help, there was no oneo that she could go to foror assistance.assi now, d.c. council member jack mm evans says surveillance sveil cameras here did capture the incident but at this pointhi police have made
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haven't not released anyeleasedn information about a suspect.n ab back to you.back to >> jennifer thanks.>>ks happening today in theg district d.c. fire and emsrend e getting some help. they'll begin using a private ambulance company he tonc transport certain patients.e rtn the service will operate 18 ope1 hours a day and only takenly t patients with injuries or illnesses considered to be minor medical emergencies.di d.c. fire and ems will howevercv still arrive on the scene tone all calls to evaluatee patients, determine what carehac they need and how they'll be transported. >> today officer jacai colson co will be laid to rest in his resh home state of pennsylvania.penn. thousands gathered to payeredo p their respects for the officeree at his funeral on friday.riday. he was shot and killed byand kid friendly fire during a shootout in front of police of o headquarters in princead george's county.qu officer colson would havegeonldv turned 29 years old the weekhe that he was killed. 6:03 and also happeningapni today, the suspects in thein murder of a 13-year-old girl gl earlier this year will appear in a court hearing this morning. last month day of the eisenhower and
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were charge in the death ofhe do nicole lovell. l police say the two workedhe twow together to plan thetoge kidnapping and killing of that t girl. she was killed in lateat january.january. keepers and eisenhower whoweo were both from maryland were engineering students attunt virginia tech. t >> overseas now the latestrsea developments out of pakistan where the death stole now atle w 70 people following a suicideide many of the victims women andomd children. the bomb went off at a park in lahore packed with christians celebrating easter. group with ties to the talibanal has claimed responsibility.d rep right now three days of days of mourning is under way in that region. while belgium presidente be obama has spoken with andspok wt offered condolences to thees parents of an american couple killed in last week's terror attacks in brussels. justin and stephanie schultz s were topping off her mother athe the airport when the bombsrpor went off. they're confirmed deaths bringfd the total number of americans aa killed to four.killed tense situation ine atio downtown brussels yesterday y where riot police armed withith water cannons forced backforcedb hundreds of protestors.roteor not clear exactly who theyly were supporting but some s reports suggest they weree
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immigration policies. >> ♪ first check of weather in the 6 o'clock hour.clockour. rainy start to the day, tuck. >> hey, >> yeah. >> yeah, explain all dressed, a ready to go. >> yeah, just woke up not too long ago. all right, let's get the forecast. yeah, there's your rain shower activity moving in, movingov through the region. we'll have it ugfor -- here's the good news. not all day.not all d just the next couple hours and s then as the cold front swings through later this morningte we'll clear it out and the winds are really going to pickpi up. in fact this afternoon theis aet story will be the winds.y will i we have a wind advisory forory f parts of the area which goesch g into effect this afternoon att t 2 o'clock. i'll show that you coming up.atu there's the bigger look. l the cold front lagging out to ot the west towards westernds virginia. most of the rain out there ishes pretty light but enough to wetnt the roadways and we never need e that for a morning commute. cmu temperatures out there cool, coo line in washington, 48 dulles, , up in baltimore 47 degrees andgr a quick look at your fo
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early showers, look for someor m afternoon sunshine, nice and mild out there but again, withh winds blowing 10 to 20 plus,lu it will be a very blustery afternoon.oon. cool air tonight and thenig we're set up for some sunshine n for our tuesday. tuesday. i'll have all the details onailn that coming up in just anus minutes.mi >> thanks, tuck.uck. >> uh-huh. >> let's check in with -- sayit- good morning to her. >> happy monday.da if you're trying to get toyinggt work not necessarily thatrily t happy avenue monday.y avenue moa we'll start you off with a w look in southwest. an overhead tractor-trailer tried to make its way under an n overpass.erpa didn't work out so well. main of a westbound approaching raul wallenberg place dealing with a rightalin lane blocked there. keep it to the left and usend caution.cautn. want to show you a live lookow outsid ye on 270 southbound.boun crash just after montrose. hard topcoat because of thecoat tree but you can see that y backup leading towards touhatds point. we're dealing with a few miles of slow moving traffic as you y approach montrose road. give yourself extra time as you head out towards the spur this morning.this a look back at our maps.ap unfortunately more problems pbl continue.
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stalled vehicle that isled causing delays by 610 and then0n volume building from dale city to 123 so from stafford allrd the way through prince williamel you need a lot of extra timef ee this morning heading to theng ho bottom of the beltway.f e be 270 south taking a closer looksk at the delay, north of the of crash at montrose volumeosvo building 70 to 80. if you are taking metro thisro i morning, they are on time. however, grab your umbrella ure and a light jacket witht with allude. it's a wet start to the to th morning. use caution. those roads are slick. we got you covered. you allison and steve.son and steve. >> it is indeed a soggy start s to easter monday erin butter thousands are getting ready toge attend very special event atal t the white house. >> it is the annual easter egg e roll and caitlin roth is liveh i at the white house thishi morning with what we cang th w expect besides that rain this morning.morn kaitlyn good >> reporter: steve andly allison good morning to youorni both. yes, you the 138th easter egg e roll. behind me we've already got some of the characters out, mr. and mrs. easter bunny andst the angry birds, too, they're, e with us here for this year's yr' easter egg roll.ster egg i'm not sure how much longer lon they can hang hg out they're gett
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has been a very soggy start tota the morning. we're about an hour awayr a before the doors open and then n the festivities begin at 7:30 with 35,000 people expected to be on the south lawn of the law white house this morning.hous the good news is we've been b hearing the rains should bensho clearing out later thisng out lt morning and into the afternoon o so the whole day is not a wash and as expected like every eve year here at the easter egg easg roll there are plenty of o outdoor activities.rctiv the theme this year is let's celebrate.le and not only are we celebrating the 2016 easter016 e egg roll but also the lasthe las year that the obama administration will be here iner the white house.white use. so, all of the kids who will be here for all of the activities are going to beoe celebrating with the first the family as well since it'sce their last year here, too so, what's on tap for today? well, everyone arriving atng a 7:30 like i said. numerous stations throughout the south lawn that while they're wet right now hopefully drying offe a little bit where there's some story te
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we'll have a musical performance by adina manziel m later today of course of "frozen" frame. we'll have gift baskets forets everyone who arrives and the design of the eggs this year, y golds for 2016 easter eggr llll. so, that is the latest on theon white house right all these awesome charactersharr behind me are in a great mood at despite the rain.spite e ra everyone else will be too ande d we'll be staying out here all hr morning to preview everythingveh that's coming up but for now f n let's send it back inside to its you, steve and al on.nd >> that's interesting 'causesti usually those birds are super angry behind you.y behi >> they look really happy this morning. >> reporter: i know.eporter: [laughter] >> caitlin,. r: reporter: happy birds. >> they're happy birds today. hp see you later. >> reporter: thanks.>>ter: >> she looks gorgeous even gge though it's raining out there.t. wish it was sunny -- no theno te sunny 'cause it's 6 o'clock. o'k if you're looking fore loing something else fun to do with th the kids today, check out theect national zoo's annual easternnl monday family day event.amilday there will be an easter eggter hunter with prizes for the pri kids. k they can also take part in in animal demonstrations and
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the event will be held rain or shine. it's totally free. it's unfortunate video we were showing. >> from years past. fm ye >> years past. >> still ahead bernie sanders se wind gust big weekend a clean ac sweep there three states.the th momentum on his side pluside p donald trump is a grandpa ara the latest from thet fr presidential candidates next.tes >> a lot of pictures online. march madness winding down. last four spots are filled nowen with only one number one seedone and no local representation.sea. junkies join us at 6:30.
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>> ♪ >> it may be the day after easter but looks more like l winter in parts of colorado.s the snow knocked out power forer thousands of people. peo kansas got up to 3-inches of snow in wichita over therhe weekend and that breaks an easter snowfall record set sre back in in snow a welcome sight for fire ff crews trying to battle a bat wildfire in that state.te >> ♪ >> 6:11 now and in the racew ant for the white house a big weekend for senator bernie sanders. the vermont senator picked upt e wins in three western states sta on saturday, alaska, hawaiiaw and then washington state.ta sanders says his campaign haspah the momentum but despite the t clean sweep the delegate race r is still very much in hillary clinton's favor.avor the primaries for both partiesie will be held on tuesday ins n wisconsin.wisconsin. and there's more drama one' thes republican side. s frontrunner donald trum
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threatening to sue the gophe over how delegates are awarded. awar at issue the primary race in louisiana. trump won the popular vote bute ted cruz could end up with w more delegates. that's because the party will likely give marco rubio's delegates to cruz. trump is a granddad again. his daughter gave birth to theodore james on sunday. she did it by twitter sayingg "the family feels incrediblyncri blessed. cacongratulations.ratutions. players and fans seeking safety after bees take over ave baseball name game.e >> on this monday morning it's kind of a rainy start.ta sax. it's 6:12. weather and traffic updates up next.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> a look at the white housek at this morning and it is not thend prettiest start but if yout b recall on friday morning morning tucker barnes said we're going
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might get a little wet for theoe easter egg roll on monday egg morning and that's exactlyd what's happening outside this morning. >> steve, i appreciate youveec crediting me. thank you very much. monday morning showers. mor good news, it's not going tonotg rain all day. in fact if you're going downoinn to the easter egg roll i think most of the showers will bee sh out of here by 8, 9 o'clock'c this morning.this m so things will graduallyradual improve and we'll get plentyet t of afternoon sunshine. the timing could be just at little better on this one but b most of the day will be dry d but windy as our front comesronm through.through. 49 now in washington. it is cool out there. make sure you bring a jacket. a jac 46 in frederick.deri 47 in baltimore.almo 48 leonardtown.eonardto 50 quantico and fredericksburg. believe it or not we'll warm w up into the upper 60's today. td yesterday we had winds off thedf ocean and that keptha temperatures nice and cool out there. there's your rainhe y shower the good news most of it isf is pretty light.etty l there's not a lot to it.o you can kind of see the back bac edge of it starting to push into parts of western virginiati and west is a have a and we'll get this whole thing through here 9, 10 o'clock this
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it should lift off to theff t t front and eat as a frontalas a l system comes through the winds will really pick up in itsy pi wake out of the north andf thor west. we have a wind advisory forory f parts of the area which goes goe into effect until 2 o'clock o this afternoon.fteron. we'll have a very breezy afternoon. there's your wind advisory.ur w not here in the city but lotss of counties, howard county,d montgomery county, loudoun county, all counties under aer wind advisory starting at 2 o'clock this afternoon.k aft looking at futurecast, gettinget rain showers at this hour.howe there's your cold front out tooo the west. notice the whole thing liftshins out of here by 9 o'clock thisby9 morning. that should really improvemprove conditions down at the whitehehi house for the easter egg roll. r the grass will be wet but atll least it won't be raining on you. yo then we break out in sunshine sn in the afternoon. afternoon. kind of blustery with theust winds. there's your seven day.s 68yo today. cool tonig little cooler tomorrow butrrow b nice early spring hereer tuesday, wednesday. looks like a few more showers,es maybe a storm on thursday andrsa friday and then cool next weekend but we're all systemslle go. i guess we're turning therning e calendar to april there, aprilre aren't we, on that seve-d
6:17 am
forecast? yeah.ea baseball season right aroundt a the corner. all right, erin, how is it is it looking? >> 6:15 tucker and the rain is definitely causing problemsly c this morning. bw parkway right now prince nowe george's county we have ant hav stall on the southbound side after 197. te because of that you can seeof all that t yellow.el it's a delay leading towardsng there mix that in with the wet roads t and i would say get an early ear 95 southbound dealing withd dei congestion by the icc as well.e. in the southwest portion oforti the district overhead orh tractor-trailer main of alemain westbound approaching raulhingau wallenberg place there's ahe right lane blocked there and tre in stafford an earlier stalled vehicle taking on the it aking center lane cleared so that'se l good news. it's after 630 but look at loo that line of red. red. still dealing with rain andth ra your typical morning please give yourself time toe get around that one. one same story dale city to 123 as3 you approach woodbridge. woori no alerts from metro so that's a good news. metro bus on time.bus on grab your umbrella and a light l jacket with a hood. 270 south volume 70 to 80.70 we have a crash blocking theghe
6:18 am
typical congestion around theesi we'll let you know if anythingtg else pops up. allison and >> allergy season is upon us upn and while a lot of us suffer usr during the spring we could 58 sr a lot worse. the asthma and allergy aer foundation released theirsed annual list of the 100 mostt challenging places to live to lv with allergies this time ofs te year. they took into account pollenn score, allergy medicationatio usage and sable evert if i'd the closest cities includenclu richmond virginia at number 14u an14and baltimore ranking 66. >> a swarm of bees delayed theay cubs spring training game against the mariners for more m than five innings. jason heyward trying to do hisod best to clear the bees. t b this is in mesa arizo
6:19 am
kept waving his gloves even tried walking in parts of the outfield. they followed him around.lo they left himwe alone but they t went into the stands and the fans had to do the same thing. g heyward said he was stung atas u least 10 times on his face ande neck during the gamee g yesterday.yesterday. >> wow. >> not good. good thing he's not allergic.eri >> having trouble using your iphone since installing thece latest if so you're not >> details on that plus the t battle over background check.he the world's busiest airportiesto wants to fingerprint uberbe drivers.drers. good idea or bad? we'll talk about it in the business beat next.
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>> time for our business some uber drivers could face another kind of backgroundsnd check. first we'll check the markets.ts joining us from the fox business network studio lauren simonetti.tti always fun to come back tome b o work. >> reporter: three day weekends are awesome.we i wish i had one. nonetheless it is fun to comen o back to work because marketsau r are up this morning. mor dow futures are higher.e as you go back on thursday you had a mixed market but the
6:22 am
point was that last weekwa despite what you're seeing on the ss oucreen now last week wak losing week for all threehr major averages and it was the first losing week in sixngeek weeks. >> couple of big things cominghm up we're watching this week including here in washington tomorrow. >> reporter: uh-huh.h-huh janet yellen speaks tomorrow.les we also have the jobs reports rp coming out on friday and some am key manufacturing data as wellgs plus we'll start to see earnings pour in from thegs p major companies. >> okay. that's what to look forwardfod to. to let's talk about our phoneslk at right now. >> reporter: yes.>> r >> for the last weekend everykee time i turn my phone on you o want to upgrade your phone,hone every time i said no afterer hearing what you have to say i and might won to say no. s >> reporter: i always press pre remind me later.ater i definitely need an upgradepgra but i'm skeptical on ios9.3. i9. as usual when there's a newther software update you see the t kings. some folks are saying theirg t new iphones even though tho they're older devices, they'rey' completely frozen when they'vey' uploaded this update.pd ty'
6:23 am
it's not working at all both in chrome and in safari. safar they're trying to sink up their apple watch, that's nothas working either. eit what can you do? >> there's not much to do. d we're waiting on a fix from apple. some users are saying a hit or miss solution would be disabling java script if youg go into the settings of yourja phone or device there couldseic help. >> that seems like a lot ofems work. i think i'll wait for the update and just let us know ornw i'll be like you and keep pushing later for the next t nex month. >> reporter: remind meor later. >> this next story about uber is very scary when you get into the weeds of this and youdh see how many people have been turned away from being uber drivers when the research ishe c really done.real >> reporter: uber certainly cern vets their drivers, so do the se other car sharing services butet they don't do fingerprint testte and airports are saying we want a fingerprint test donees d because your drivers are are picking up our passengers atnges our airports.rir atlanta airport in addition toit some others los angeles andes ad
6:24 am
letting uber drivers ooh are finger printerd do drop-offs ap- their airport. you have to remember you geto mb the most information when talking about a backgroundbagro check with that fingerprintt >> there's -- houston is the only airport doing this now ts where new york is doing it asts well. well >> reporter: houston isorte hou doing it right now.ight now i believe new york is as well.w so pretty extensive and you should see some of the thingsom they're find when did you gofind they do the fingerprint test,es, what driver has 70 millionmillio names, who had this issue orss that issue and those instancesss don't always come up on uber's e own tests. tes >> i was looking at theng at the lawsuit and they said thatthey t they found driver applicants api charged with murder sexualthde assault indecent exposure, oneu, driver who had 24 aliases, 10li social security numbers, allec to pass the driving company's cy background test. however, fingerprints wouldnts o theoretically catch that. >> reporter: hopefully,orter: yeah h, exactly. ect >> be careful out there out thee lauren. good to see you. enjoy the rest of your monday.rn >> reporter: you, too.,oo. >> see you tomorrow. tor >> hm. >> scary right,. sca >> yes.
6:25 am >> why doesn't she have to be sh careful out there, isn't she at the stock market. mke >> if a usual comes to pickso p her up. >> i didn't go, you have to be careful of anything. >> a lightbulb could blow out. >> while i was at the kitchen the toaster made a big bang. b >> toaster could make a biga big bang. bang. >> it happened this morning. mng >> what if your toast flew out of the toaster and hit you in the eye.. >> how is the fort forecast.or >> i didn't know we had aidn' dangerous toaster in thes building. >> life is full of dangers. dane >> here's satellite and radar.ld rain showers across its area.s . cold front out to the west. out all right, so here's the deal. . waiting for a few more hours, probably by 9, 10 o'clock, it'c, will be out of here.ofere. we'll trend towards sunshine sun this afternoon and it will getol very blustery.ster winds will kick up 20, 25, 30 miles an hour. an hour. here's the big picture. the b see the cold front out towardsor west virginia v doesn'tirgi actually mark itself but thearib back end of
6:26 am
out to the west. cool, 49 in washington.hing we'll be in the 60's later sunshine tuesday wednesday butsd nice end to march which kindhi of came ike a lamb andla and seems like it kind of wants too leave like a lamb, too. it's like a lamb month.on >> that whole lamb thing. t >> yeah. >> thanks tucker. thas t silly. >> erin is standing by. >> good morning. goo mor 6:26 right now and the rain is i not doing great things nothing such a great day for thethe easter egg roll and not such aol great day for the commutel . 270 south, 70 to the truckheru scales down to 34 miles per hour as you head towardsoward germantown so be prepared for that one. then as you move over toyo prince george's county bww parkway a stall after 197. afte. delays leading towards that point. 95 southbound typical morningni congestion towards thenges beltway. earlier tractor-trailer thatct was disabled did clear so in in southwest main of a westbound things back to normal approaching raul wallenberg place n stafford earlier stalltl did clear but keep that in mind from fredericksburgdericksg through stafford there's justfod a lot of very
6:27 am
congestion, wet roads, slick conditions. leave early as you pass 630.s30 in prince william typical typic volume dale city to 123. 123 across the wilson bridge innerrn loop starts to back up. metro -- no alerts from metro m so that's really good news ify w you want to take that today.t td that's your traffic.raff steve and allison. >> it's monday, erin thanks so still ahead we're going to head back to the white houseto for the annual easter egg r sporll right, sports junkies join us live after the break b to talk a little basketball. final four and wizards up. in it's 6:27.
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>> yes, it is a very special day in washington.hi the white house they'ree t hosting their annual easter eas egg roll. our caitlin roth is there forhe us this morning.his mo little wet start but you knowuto what, can can't really put a a damper on the excitement that is to come. we'll join caitlin shortly.rtly welcome back to fox5 news fn we'll have weather and traffic f on the 5s at 6:35. 6 first at 6:30 breaking within wt the last half hour the deathhe d toll from the attacks, thethtack terror attack in brussels last week has now climbed to 35.o officials say four of ther wounded have died from their tir injuries.injuries over the weekend belgium b authorities rounded up three more people on terror charges. g the brussels airport willusse ao tomorrow begin to test how it will resume passenger service. i back here locally policecalc are investigating a doublegatinu shooting in the in this happened around 10:30d0: last night in the 5,000 block
6:31 am
now, police say two women weree shot in the stairwell of anirweo apartment building.ld both victims are expected to live.. and this morning thed this investigation continues intont t who shot and killed a 15-year-old at the deanwood dea metro stop on saturday? satur witnesses say a strangersay a se walked up to devon at anyevon a washington and shot him right in front of his family.amily. his sister's and his parents. ps police say they tone believene l though the shooting was random. and happening today in theen district d.c. fire and ems ems getting some help. h it will begin using a private ai cobulance company to transporte patients with minor medicalor ml emergencies. the service will operate 18llpea hours a day. day. it begins this morning at 7:00 a.m. a.m. >> ♪ >> all right, time for theht morning line.g lin final four is all set.l four is let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. t what's up guys, good morning. mi >> what's happening.hat's pe >> syracuse got hot at the wrong if i'm for virginia from v the outside. out that's t
6:32 am
great season but tough togh t watch it fall app that's righthh way. >> give props to jim boeheim j e he usually forces you to play to outside. he decided we're down 15, we w got to speed virginia up then ut pressured them full court,, caused some virginia wasn't comfortable.le. missed some bunnies and, you know what like you said they s e got hot. h malachi richardson got reallyota hot and had 23 or 25 in secondn half and they win that gamet and virginia does not blow not o games like that, steve. s they win those g they usually just take care ofee the business and they crushhey you if they can decide what tempo he they want to play andla that didn't happen laughapn lauh night. >> i don't know the exact stats steve but it was either et 64 and zero, 68 to 0uva'suv record when leading by 10 or more at the half under tony bennett. you figured chalk this one up,au uva going to the final they collapsed.thol give credit where it's d
6:33 am
team to do anything in the tournament. they were vilified for beinge vi in the field and now they'rey're headed for the final four.inou pretty impressive what boeheimwh is doing. >> uva's achilles heel has heela been lack of scoring and they st scored better this year but intu the end that 13-point lead l goes away. away. yes, they committed some turnovers but they just misst m shots and that's been their achilles heal. >> what do you think about the e tournament. there's so much talk aboutso this being an evenly matchedven matchup overall one to 24. i think there will be a lot of really good games, a lot of o games that came down to the dowo buzzer. what's your feel over all sorll far. >> i think the first coupleirstu rounds were fantastic with the w buzzer beaters.buer b this weekend, the saturdayat sunday games were kind of dull. saturday weren't really competitive games.mpe oklahoma won comfortably and c then you got one number oner left in north carolina whichola looks to be the best team ineamn the field by a lot. l >> you got a one, you got
6:34 am
two's, you got a 10. i was telling the boys earlier r i would throw -- wouldn'tou throw that 10 seed out theout th window. their program is not a 10 seed. you've got four real good programs and north carolina'ss averaging about 90 points in p the tournament so they are a probably the favorite but whoeut knows. villanova or oklahoma couldklaha get hot and they could win it. . who notice. notic >> i'm really happy northpy carolina is finally enjoying eny some success. >> it's been so long.t' >> yeah, i mean, good for them. >> but something good finally happens for carolina. caro >> it was nice to see co-k ando- duke knocked off.nockedff >> once the wizards -- nice-- n win last night.wilast n of course they were playingth wr the lakers can.e lakean. once they get past or throughou golden state however you wantoww to look at it, eight games left, couple games out of the playoff spot. do 33 make it?ke it? >> probably not.bay n >> if they go eight and zero. z
6:35 am
point. they've had some really, really bad losses and over there weekend, yes they beat theea lakers last night but a losst nt to the minnesota timberwolves,im one of the worst teams in thehew nba, that's >> they're not very not defensively they've beeny've b iorocious for most of theoc season and they've had their thr opportunities, steve. ste they've played teams at home h that they should have beat. they've blown games on thee road thablt they should have won.won. who pays for it does ted makeore a move? does he fire randy? irr does he make serious personnel >> in the short term i don'tortm play one of my starters srt against golden state at golden state. you're not going to win thatoin game. they haven't lost a game all a season long at home.on h i don't play one starter one minute.mi i save them for the rest ofr ths the road trip and the >> didn't you say that their back court was better thanetr slash brothers at one point. poi >> i never said that. iever >> maybe it
6:36 am
or john wall in said that.d >> it was probably them.bly t i may have thought in it my it y delusional mind for a secondonal or two but even i realize how idiotic that is.c th i rest the smarters is my key.rtey >> they can settle it on the the court. cour you guys can settle it on theon mic. talk to you later >> all right, >> junks 106.7 f.m. the fan. >> sad to see uva out.. >> it would have been nice to see them in the final four. i >> when they collapsed itn was painful. pain >> did you watch over the t weekend.weekd. >> no, i was a busy man. man. no, i watched a load. l >> okay. >> let's see. we've got rain showers with us h here for just a few more hours.hours. those of you that are going down to roll easter eggs -- egg you did that one year, didn'tned you allison.yoall >> i did but just as a person, o not as a reporter.orte >> right. >> you took the girls, right.. >> uh-huh. i had never been.d ne >> did they have fun. >> yeah.
6:37 am
doesn't he can come out. >> i think we missed it. i we got last minute tickets atts like 4:30 in the evening. e >> out to the west is a cold front.. the rain showers could be out of here by 8, 9 o'clock thise we'll turn windy thisl tu afternoon and we'll be muchd 'l milder than yesterday.rd daytime highs should be in thedn mid to upper 60's so we most have good news forecast.or but wishes last couple hoursshes and sunshine this afternoonhi with winds north and wesnet at a about 10 to 20. wind advisory we'll look at we' that, we'll look at the sevenate day in a minute. m >> thank you tucker.>> t >> check in with erin como getwh a look at your roads now. 6:37.6: >> they're slow. dealing with wet conditions. earlier crash by montrose cleared but those delays continue. continue. a stall on the southbound sideot of bw parkway after 197 has uss heavy from one night to t watch out for stop-and-gop- traffic towards the bottom ofhe the beltway. inner loop delays throughop lanes crow
6:38 am
13 miles per hour across theer u wilson bridge local lanes uplan to about 27 miles an hour.anou also crowded but not as bad. b we'll take a live look andoo show you how things arehing shaping up. this is a look 66.k a lot of eastbound volume 234ol3 to 28 at centreville.enille basically parked in some locations. no accidents just a ton of morning congestion.onge suitland parkway by south b s capitol blocked with a lot ofblc track and new york avenueand inbound by bladensburg heavybu and you can see that 66 t66 eastbound commute justun continues to stay very heavyy h into centreville this morning.or we'll switch it back to a lookbo at our maps.s. metro he is on time if you timef want to take metro no alerts a to report there. report there as you make your way out in stafford an earlier star cleared after 630. 6 mix in the rain and the a t congestion and you still need sl to leave a lot earlier thanarlia you normally would from frederick through stafforderic into prince we got you covered. cov top of the beltway inofhe beltw montgomery county usually slowun roll past new hampshire.she. allison and steve.teve
6:39 am
up about some traffic issuesffii in the district this week. >> plus a lot of fun on tap at a the white house lawn this morning. >> ♪ glenn: the republicans: government shutdowns
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yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? >> ♪ >> back now news out ofack now maryland where the search isne on for a gunman who w firedir shots at a truck stop inp howard county hitting to hittino people killing one of them. kil the second victim a baltimore be
6:42 am
he's in critical can condition i at shock trauma. this happened o yesterday. yeste >> more than 50 world leaders 5l travel to the nation's el capitol this week.capitol it is the nuclear security r summit. it begins on wednesday.s on wedy there may be issues gettingti around town when it can comeswhc to traffic road closures dueclos to the summit metro will be closing the mount vernoner square station wednesday nightte at 8:00 p.m. at 8 it remain closed all dayay thursday and friday. friy. there will also be parking restrictions and closures around convention center and road closures near the whiteeare house and state department.d st you'll have to make other plans if that's how you normally get intoav work.if wk. >> starbucks adding something new to its menu. craft beer and wine. wine. the washington post reportstep the rollout will begin thisin t week at four starbucks one in woodbridge manassas gainsville and haymarket the
6:43 am
the coffee chains will introduce small plates with food items like artichoke dip. >> despite bad reviews it was b a recoradd weekend at the boxox office as expected for batmann versus superman. ser kevin is back with that inhat i today's fox's fox bea >> if you have a news tipew share it with us. call 202-895-3000 or e-mail ifaf you like e-mail your tip to tip fox5 tips at we're back in a moment. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics.
6:44 am
maryland's next senator.
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> looking at the white house this morning. all we need to do is get these rain showers out of the way so everybody can enjoy rollingn en some easter eggs in a little bit. can we do it?can do >> we can do it:say we can do it. it >> how far back does thatar b tradition go do you think.o >> 18 something. somet >> does it really?>> >> uh-huh. >> you do it with aspen a spoonn right. >> let me go to the machine. mae >> i'll do weather. weath. >> i'll raise my hand and youan can call on me and we'll give wl an answer. >> meanwhile i'll do weather forecast. i slept in i just don't like tht position. >> it's for shorter people.r >> i know everybody's set to roll easter eggs and have some fun and rain showers will bein out of s here 8, 9 o'clock i think we'll wind things down pretty quick and we should be in the sunshine by afternoon.ina cool. 49 in bring a
6:47 am
hear it's cool and wet down toew the white house.the whit 48 in leonardtown.nardtown north and west in the forty t f eight. 48 hagerstown martinsburg as well. once we get the sun out we'll o' boost the temperatures.petu noticeably warmer thanly wmer tn yesterday. mid to upper 60's forpper afternoon highs. there's your rain shower activity. most are pretty light but still with us as we speak and here's the good's the this is its back edge of our precipitation shield. it's also a cold front.. so, once that gets east of us we'll be completely done with the rainily we'll turn off the e rain and what we are going tooit do is turn on the winds.hein the winds are really going tollg pick up. okay we can got a time out. allison, >> 78. >> 1878. >> yes, sir. >> that's when the tradition started the the white house. >> that's when it started. >> wow. >> easter monday.>> >> excellent. so, once that front gets e easts of us, the winds pick up andicku we'll be in for a veryer blustery afternoon. afternoon wind advisory howard county, cou montgomery, loudoun county all a under the wind advisory as well as you're off to the o t north and west you're undere u the wind ad
6:48 am
winds could blow 40, 45 miles per hour. frontal system this morning br tinging us rain showers.. we'll watch high pressure build in and that will deliverii a sunny but cooler day tomorrow.rrow daytime highs tomorrow will begw in the low 60' t low here's your planner. planner we'll get sun by noon, up are 60's very windy conditions andts a quick look at the seven day.ey mentioned the coolinger c temperatures for tuesday and f wednesday. you know, very pleasantan springlike conditions.onditi looks like we'll do 70's one'o 0 thursday and friday this week te so cbs3 "eyewitness news" of"eye spring. y yay! >> starting with the easterg egg roll this morning.ll let's see, erin, do we haveo weh time for spring on thehe roadways. >> we have signs of a sadve monday morning on ou srr >> uh-oh. >> we have tons of congestion,of tucker and slow moving traffic. we have a crash right now it'shh on the inbound side of the the douglas bridge as you head across south capitol makingouth your way in so please giveive yourself extra time there. we're dealing with some not nice looking traffic. traff you can see it's really heavy.ea crash is just out of view. we'll switch it over and show ir you what else you're upoue against this morning. bw parkway southbound
6:49 am
southbound stall cleared after t 197. backed up north of 198 because1e of congestion and rain.onge aside from that also in prince r george's county inner loop loo delays from prince george's the through lanes across thela wilson bridge. bdg check in at an average ofge 13 miles an hour. h in stafford i just talked toald nick on twitter and despiteit the fact that this stallt this t cleared from the center lane the out by 630, huge delays.el he said it took him an extra e 45 minutes to make his ways w towards the beltway. beltway. please give yourself extra time. time you can see all the red on our map. it's just congestion inn stafford mixed in with that earlier stall and rain andn a it's not doing great things thi this morning. as you head into germantownernt heavy traffic there as well. wel if you're taking metro noet n alerts but grab a light jacket, your umbrella and the t best thing i discovered onre o east sunday was white reeseshite peanut butter eggs. butte. >> yes. >> what. >> yes. >> kevin agrees:hi n. i had no idea.
6:50 am
allison looks perplexed. perple. i'll bring one in for tomorrow. tomorrow. >> what about today. w >> i was greedy and left themed all at home. >> thanksy erin.. >> less than an hour one ofour f the district's most anticipated events will gets wil under way at the white house. >> it's the easter egg roll.r er caitlin roth has the pleasure ps this year, she's there with aita preview now. now. we hear the doors are openedpe now. how is it looking, caitlin? cail >> reporter: it's lookingorte i' good, it better, allison.llis the rain is kind of letting upeu at least for fow we're getting a little a lit daylight. we have a lot of rollers thatlea are starting to hang out.g g o i'm hanging out with two with easter eggs. egatha and she will beach iil adore your costume.adore your tell me a little bit aboutttle your role here today.ur r >> we are the easter eggs so egs we'll be strolling around the lawn and if anybody is comingan in be sure to stop and get aet picture with us.e with u >> reporter: you're here toou'r take some pictures. picres. you have beautiful costumes. will you be landing out any ofuy
6:51 am
>> i don't think so.>> >> reporter: how long have i both of you been doing this.r:et >> this is my tenth y >> reporter: so it's a tradition for both of you. shelby have you been hereby before. >> no, this is my first year. >> reporter: it's my firsty t year at the easter egg roll,thea too. so we can help each other out. 35,000 people expected to bed here starting at 7:30 this morning.rn what in your experience egatha a is that like on a typicalyp easter egg roll.eastergg r >> the energy is incredible.reb. you get 35,000 people on the white house lawn and they're having a great time and theree can kids are running aroundro and playing and the energy is ee what brings me back every single year. >> reporter: i already feel f the energy improvement nowment that we've got some daylighte and the rain seems to be to b letting up. have you been here before whenrh it rained. >> yes. in fact my very first year we got rained out emptying theytyit rained out.. >> they digit tell me beforegi we let yout go, what intn particular do you look forwardoa to during the day's events.nts. >> i look forward to seeingrw the kids. th they dress up, they have fun,ha they run around and there's a's smile on everyone's fac
6:52 am
>> reporter: shelby it'seporter: your first year. s anything in particular you'reulr anticipating. >> i'm looking forward tooo those kidkis, too.ids, too i think it will be a greatk itbe time. >> reporter: i'm sure itte will be for both of you. thank you so much.h. i've never met live eastere easr eggs before so it's an honor. hr thanks a lot.t along with them we've got w' many more characters that haveh been showing up this morningp tr as the day begins but i do d believe we have a picture off the actual easter egg thatr eg everyone will receive. it's decorated every year for ya the easter egg roll and this year's 2016 easter egg rollea will have that gold foil on it g and again, the theme is let'st's celebrate. it's the last year here forr hef the first family. their last easter egg roll so looking forward to a great dayaa ahead.ahea much more to come, many morean m people to meet as we go we through the rest of theest morning but for now we'll send s it back to steve and >> caitlin try to stay dry. dry still looks fun. 6:52.52. kevin celebrating.ting. a big movie opening thisnghi weekend.week >> allison and i had a full on two minute nerd out session. you saw batman versusn ver
6:53 am
>> i did like it. i d >> you haven't seen it yet.'t s. >> no. >> had the highest grossingighe worldwide debut for any comic ac book movie ever better than avengers, captain america,ca everything, over $424 million estimated worldwide. worde. huge numbers for that. >> it's a twofer. twofe you get batman and superman. sua >> here's the interestings thint thing. going into the weekend thehe reviews were mostly negative. nt i was one of the few positiveoft reviews. allison you saw it with yourh yr husband. you loved tell melo what you were nerdingg about.abou you loved what aspects. aects >> i loved when all of them --he it's not a spoiler to say at a a tern point they're altogether,o wonder woman, batman, superman. that was awesome >> their fight scene >> can i say that.>> >> sure. >> the fight scene was awesome.awesom to have the energy betweenetween superman and batman was i was telling kevin i hadn'tt seen man of steel my kids had kh so they understood everything.vh i was trying to catch up onyi parts i didn't understand. unds went home and watched man ofe wc steel and i was like zero yes.w. >> man of steel is amazing. ama
6:54 am
>> i think ben affleck is theckt best >> let me tell you something iog rewind the tape i hated on bennb affleck when it was announcednn he was going to be batman. bat i stand corrected. corrected i thought he was awesome. awe >> i think he's best batmanatma since michael keaton. kto christian bale stole the best tb bruce man but man of steel s hennessey cavill is the perfect $250 million of that money mey came from overseas.m se 59 percent of people watchinge h it in 3-d, imax. >> i saw in it regular and in didn't -- see, i don't knowite,t what i mis ksedno but it was exciting and even regular --egar in regular 2d. >> in comparison avengers made m $392 million on its worldwide debut. debut. this did did 4 one of the things where wehengsh liked it but a lot of criticsri k i'm seeing it for a third a time tonight. tonht >> it's a fun movie, right, a fun action movie. m >> if you like the joh genre, ge you'll like it
6:55 am
>> amazing "zootopia" pulled"ul in another 23 million dodges rounding out the top three my m big fat greek wedding two with over $18 million. >> did did well. >> the first film cost c $5 million to make made m $360 million worldwide.orldwide real quick moving on you on you didn't expect to see this at chrissy teigen's baby shower mcdonald's for lunch forna everybody.ld erin andrews posted this she cangsed it thank you chrissy c together again for making usor all feel normal dream lunchreamn and for dessert a john legend baby cake. >> i was going say that baby looks just like john legend.egen >> all the fun was shared onhare celebrity snapshots and instagram accounts.. while no specific due date lab announced teigen and legendegd have hinted their baby girl iss due this that will baby cake was postedsd by kris jenner. jenne >> it is 6:55 right now. now let's check in with tuckertu barnes get a look at what'sk at happening.
6:56 am
house. going to stick around all morning. >> just for a few more hours hou and then it should be out of here by 9, 10 o'clock this sunshine this afternoon buthis o windy conditions with a wind a w advisory in effect starting atgt 2 o'clock this afternoon.noon there's your satellite andur radar. rain showers moving throughg pretty quick. yes, it is still rainingai across the majority of theitof area but way cold front moving n in very quickly from the west ts we should turn the rain faucetnc off by 9, 10 o'clock thislocks morning and then clear it outtho by early afternoon.ftno it's chilly.itlly. bring a jacket.bret 49 in washington.asngton. 47 bwi marshall.shal 48 out at dulles.les. there's a quick look at the seven day. se we'll clear it out thishis afternoon. afte 68 your daytime high.igh. but again windy cooler tomorrow 61 with sunshine.h sun more weather in just a minute. n more traffic with erin. >> 6:56 right now tucker andker we have a lot of delays anday problems around. right now out in laud down couldn't stalled vehicle seveniv east at bear and cameronamon avenue. av in from alexandria 395 really ra jams as you make your wayake urw across edsall towa
6:57 am
street bridge. bridg bw parkway even though an earlier stall cleared at 137 delays are back to 32 and that a is because of congestion and stalled tractor-trailerled cleared from the ramp tofr powder mill road but we'rero still seeing delays in thatays t location as well.l. 414 to the wilson bridge in in prince william heavy traffic. we'll have more traffic in a few. 6:57. more traffic in a few
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> right off the top this hour h a teenager gunned down at aed d d.c. metro station. this morning the victim's victi' family speaks out about whatpeak they say happened in thoseapned moments leading up to thatt murder.murder >> plus, continued concernsonrn over response times. today the district fire department is getting much i needed help when it can comesitc to assisting with medicalh emergencies. >> also ahead the war on terror breaking developmentselot in belgium overnight. last week's terror attackk claiming more lives andives a several suspects being held oneo terror related charges.ha >> first though let's take as t live look outside. outde. it's monday morning, a rainy, ar start out there. it is marchs mh 28th. the obamas are getting readyngea to host one final easter eggease roll at the white house.te hse but will the weather improveer o in time? weather and traffic ta coming up on the 5s at 7:05. good monday morning toy mori you, i'm allison seymour. smo >> and i'm steve chenevey. cheve welcome to fox5 news morning.ori >> developing overnight ineling news now a d.c. firefighter ishi recov


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